How I Made Money With HNS / Handshake - What worked for me

Hello all,

This crypto winter I am staying warm with HNS / Handshake Domains. What are Handshake Domains? They are one of the MAJOR players in Web 3.0. To prove they are not just some fly by night crypto operation, Hosting Provider NameCheap purchased NameBase (link to article - Article on namebase about the purchase)
Why should anyone care? 3 reasons
1. ICANN controls the current internet, you never own domains only lease them from ICANN
2. Handshake domains are unmutable / decentralized (impossible for china, north korea, or oppressive regimes to block access to information)
3. SSL certificates are no longer dependent on certificate authorities (certs can be based on publicly verified chain)
4. BONUS - You can use a handshake domain to point to your crypto wallet instead of the long string that everyone is used to.
How does it work?
Simple, if you are just getting into it, you can sign up on Namebase deposit some cash directly and start buying domain names or simply trade HNS.
Example: Over the past week I purchased HNS at .05 and today it has been over .07 (not bad, almost a 50% return in less than a week).
Example 2: Buy handshake domains - Handshake domain auctions on Namebase are vicory auctions. This means that if someone bids 1 HNS and I bid 2 HNS - I win, but I only pay 1 HNS. The way that I make my money go further, I never get into bidding wars, I only bid .44 HNS on the blind (least amount you can bid) and if no one else bids, I get it for free (only have to pay the gas tax which is .1 HNS)
After the auction is over, then reveal period begins, reveal last a week. When reveal is over, then you can turn around and list your Handshake ethereum domain for sale on Namebase
In addition to HNS increasing in price this week and making money, I also sell roughly 10-15 domains daily. Fridays and Mondays I seem to do the best.

Some additional advice, if you are bidding on domain names, try to time it that they end in the middle of the night. You will have higher success of getting great names for free. Please let me know how you make out and what you think, I hope this advice helps!!

This is straight up advice on exactly how I am making money with it. No bullshit, the link to namebase is my referral. If you feel this post has some value, please pay it back by signing up with my referral link!! Cheers.

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